Legal  assistance  in  Moscow
for  non-residents

If you have legal affairs in Moscow, you may use the assistance of our lawyers. We will represent your interests in the courts of Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation, as well as in public authorities and organizations of any legal form.

Advantages of working with the “Lawyer Mikhail Babin and Colleagues” Bar

A team of experienced lawyers;

You will not have to spend time and money for travelling;

You will be always aware of the case progress;

No additional payment as our fee is fixed and restricted by the agreement;

We will enable you to pay for the services according to the results;

Conclusion of an agreement and document flow are made in a convenient form remotely; transfer of the required documents through a reliable courier service;

You may contact your personal lawyer by using any convenient means of communication: e-mail, Skype, Viber or WatsApp


We protect your interests
in any filed of the Law

  •   Criminal cases

  •   Legal problems related to conduct of business, arbitration

  •   Legal support of transactions

  •   Debt collection

  •   Accidents, including fatal ones

  •   Inheritance contestation

  •   Credit-linked problems, including bankruptcy procedure

  •   Disputes on real estate, construction

  •   Disputes on the division of property and residence of children in case of   divorce

  •   Migration disputes

  •   Insurance disputes, including hull insurance disputes

  •   Labor disputes

  •   Assistance in making legally correct agreements

Examples of the Cases We Won


Refund of RUB 5,000,000 to the organization from Kazakhstan due to violation of the agreement

Migration Dispute:

Reversal of the decision on exclusion of a citizen of Armenia from the Russian Federation

Investment Dispute: 

Recognition of the right to the property share of RUB 15,000,000


Recognition of the right to inheritance


Enforced recovery of unpaid hull insurance

Criminal Case:

Remission of the sentence by 2.5 years

Credit Dispute:

Release of client’s property from attachment in her absentia


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